Lee Distad

Lee Distad

Lee Distad is a rAVe columnist and freelance writer covering topics from CE to global business and finance in both print and online. Reach him at lee@ravepubs.com

Apologies and Responsibility


When faced with a challenging situation there are two actions that can be taken which can go a long way towards defusing the situation and moving towards a productive resolution. Apologizing and taking responsibility. Even if you yourself had nothing to do with it. Even if the problem originated with someone or something else somewhere […]

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Strange Re-Tales: Whales, Laydowns, and Flops


Recently, I’ve blogged about salesperson lingo, specifically, tirekickers and be-backs. Since I’ve been diving into the vernacular of the salesfloor, here’s some more. Just as prospective customers who never buy anything have their own nickname, so to do their opposites: the customers who buy. In the parlance, a “whale” is a customer who’s spending big. […]

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Networking The Right Way


They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Without sinking into a lengthy digression about what that really means, I’ll just gloss it over with “getting to know people is important.” For many of us, the best opportunities we’ve had have come to us by way of our personal and professional networks. […]

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Schrödinger’s Coffee


I have often blogged about the power of coffee to open doors and cement relationships. Just this past week, I walked into the office of one of my customers who, normally, have a very rigid approach towards scheduling meetings. I know that, and always respect it. However this time, I walked in armed with a […]

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Someone Call Security


Recent experiences have brought security installations to the forefront of my thinking. Security subsystems are something that AV pros have polarizing opinions on. Some don’t mind handling them, some do so only grudgingly, and others won’t touch them. Like everything, when deciding whether to do security at all there are pros and cons. The most […]

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Vendor Catalogs: Relics Of The Past?


I get asked periodically for a copy of our catalog. That’s when I refer them to our website and say “that’s our catalog now.” In any channel where technology advances quarterly, or even more often, and what’s hot can change weekly, combined with printing costs, and a general rise in eco-friendly sentiments have put print […]

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Replacing Legacy Systems


I like to say that every solution has two problems. However, sometimes there are more. Long story short, my basement flooded over the May long weekend, as I think I’ve mentioned before in my blog. I can tell you that it’s a good news/bad news situation. The salvage and restoration company (who did a fantastic […]

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Cables As Consumables


There was a time, long ago, when I venerated cables and connectors. As a self-described audiophile, and as a salesman of audiophile gear to other self-described audiophiles, I bought into the doctrine that cables were important; that they were special. Cables are still important: they take the signal from where it originates and transport it […]

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