Joel Rollins

Joel Rollins

rAVe Rental [and Staging] contributor Joel R. Rollins is the founder of Steamroller Digital and is well known throughout the professional AV industry for his contributions to industry training and his extensive background in AV rental, staging and installation. Joel can be reached at

Cycling Our Way to InfoComm 2014


Well, June approaches again, and with it, among other things, comes the InfoComm show. And I don’t mean InfoComm Patagonia or InfoComm New Zealand or whatever they’re up to these days. I mean the original, accept-no-substitutes, convince-the-boss-I-NEED to-go, InfoComm show. Actually, that’s not to disparage InfoComm’s ever-widening pantheon of AV shows around the world. I […]

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Infocomm Live 2014 – its a wrap

First of all, let me say that this year’s Infocomm Live has been an excellent, worthwhile experience. But the presenter on Social Media, while obviously knowledgeable, really points out, to me, the things that devalue and confuse social media platforms. He gave us instructions like “Be Enchanting” and “Listen Louder”, which like much of social […]

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Infocomm Live – Day 2, 10am

This morning’s presentation by Rick Carlton of the CEB (Corporate Executive Board) was truly excellent and well worth the time spent. His presentation, on “Challenger Selling” has the group still talking half an hour after he left the room. The premise of the presentation turns traditional sales thinking on it’s head. For decades now, most […]

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Infocomm Live – 10pm


Well, the event sponsors at Digital Projection really did us proud last night. First, they closed Atlanta’s Hard Rock Cafe for the group, and hosted us for an evening of drinks and great food. Then, Mike Levi and DPI’s band performed and totally rocked the crowd, at times throwing frisbees into the audience, (whenever anybody […]

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Infocomm Live 2014 2pm


Infocomm Live 2014 – post 2 Our opening presenter is really quite interesting… Talking about the “Top Gun” experience. Well, looking around this room, I am struck by the real reason I love this event so much. There are few people in the room I don’t know, and none that I can’t learn from(or, in […]

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Home Again After ISE 2014


I arrived home last night after a whirlwind day of post-show meetings and goodbyes in Amsterdam. Now, with a profound case of jet-lag, I am sitting down with all my notes and recordings to put this year’s show into some perspective. First, however, let me say something about the effort in which I was fortunate […]

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2 B or not 2 B (What Makes the Next Gen Client Different)


Last month, we talked about the idea that the next generation of client will have changing standards in quality, production values and even the very nature of work and communication. I proposed that these changes would create fundamental differences in the way they made purchase decisions, especially those involving the public communications aspect of what […]

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Damning With Faint Praise


From my first days in the industry, I was cautioned against knocking the competition. And, truth to tell, it’s a really bad idea. The CIA would call it blowback, my wife would call it uncouth, and my old-time hippie neighbor Dave would call it bad karma. Whatever, saying nasty things about the competition always, always, […]

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Is Your 401k HDCP Compliant?

I have discovered a new way to keep my employees from talking to clients in intimidating AV jargon. It’s easy – just send them to open a retirement account. I did this yesterday, and realized that they talk just like we do – and it is an eye-opener. “Good afternoon, Mr. Rollins. I understand you […]

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THE WEEK – Episode 30: InfoComm Spotlight – PLANAR’s Steve Seminario Talks with rAVe RADIO’s Joel Rollins About Where They Are and Where They’re Going


In today’s THE WEEK, rAVe RADIO’s Joel Rollins talks to PLANAR’s Senior Director of Global Product Marketing Steve Seminario about the future of Planar and what the company is going to have at InfoComm. Having trouble listening to the podcast on this page? You can subscribe using RSS or iTunes Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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