Jeremy Caldera

Jeremy Caldera

Jeremy has his bachelor’s degree in Audio Arts and Acoustics from Columbia College as well as 14+ years in the audiovisual industry in sales engineering, project management, design engineering and management. He is currently the Director of Engineering at ZDI, Inc. He specializes in audiovisual system design for higher education, medical simulation, command and control centers, conference and training rooms and any other facility with technology systems. Jeremy currently teaches AV System Design at Columbia College, sits as chair of the Infocomm Certification Steering Committee and was recently awarded the 2015 InfoComm International Young AV professional and 2016 Infocomm International Educator of the Year awards.

Raising the Bar to 11


Education Evolution: March 2016 When I was growing up my parents expressed the importance of education. Throughout my entire childhood they always said, “You have to go to college, it’s important to become successful!” I always had mixed feelings about this concept — partially because I was not a good student, but also because the […]

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