Corey Moss

With 15 years in audiovisual integration sales, Corey Moss writes on AV and IT, unified communications and collaboration, cloud and software, mobility, cybersecurity, IoT and other technologies. He has conducted interviews on rAVe [Publications] with AV and IT industry executives and influencers. He is the host and producer of AV Power Up! here on rAVe RADIO. You can reach him at

Covering InfoComm 2015 – A UCC Discussion with Carol Zelkin, Executive Director, IMCCA


It all began for me about 15 years ago in my AV integration sales days (even though I had worked in the AV and IT markets since 1991) when Tandberg and Polycom were of course the main brands for integrated as well as stand-alone hardware-based videoconferencing systems. This continued on of course until 2010, when […]

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The UCC Roadmap in 2015 – An Audio Interview with Michael Frendo of Polycom


Over the last several years we’ve seen the realm of Unified Communications and Collaboration grow exponentially, with new players consistently entering the market and building on technologies in cloud computing, virtualization, mobility/BYOD as well as providing extensive interoperability and integration with Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business. Certain companies, which had existed as long-standing entities in the AV […]

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The Signs of Revolution and Disruption


As we move closer to InfoComm 2015, the terms that many of us heard (and used as well) last year are already dominating conversation again. If you’re not considering yourself revolutionary and even disruptive at this point heading into the show, maybe it’s time to start spending longer hours in the meeting room figuring out […]

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The Internet of Things, For Openers


Global events, data, analyst predictions and future trends — the Internet of Things has continued to capture our attention as we speed endlessly toward a mass “connected things” world…. Facts, trends and market expertise driving the numbers. The future predicted and re-predicted — depending of course on which market source and/or expert you follow. And […]

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The UCC Roadmap in 2015 – An Audio Interview with Anthony Bartolo of Tata Communications


In 2014, the realm of unified communications and collaboration expanded in the AV industry like it never had before. As we look beyond the entities in audio visual that have tended to become household names, we see others with a global footprint that provide solutions and services both in and outside the mainstream. While such focus to business […]

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The Apple Watch – Enterprise Transformation and the Security Factor


In my previous blog A New Model for the Device Driven Enterprise about enterprise apps being written specifically for Apple Watch usage, I linked to an article from September 2014 Apple Watch: The Internet of Things’ new frontier where (InfoWorld’s executive editor) Galen Gruman stated that “Apple’s new Apple Watch — to be released in early 2015 and […]

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Send In the Drones


While on Twitter looking in on the AVTweeps hashtag, I spotted this: It appears that InfoComm was inspired by the #AVtvShow hashtag (where you create a TV show using AV lingo) to post this tweet and in turn, this spurred a bit of inspiration for me to write this blog. Reportedly one of the hot topics from last year’s […]

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UCC and the Road To InfoComm 2015


After what I considered a highly successful trip to Enterprise Connect last month as media for rAVe, it’s time to turn focus to InfoComm and UCC in the audio visual space. When you consider the realm of Unified Communications and Collaboration, it is no doubt one of the (if not the) most visible sectors of […]

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A Super Collider of an Immersive AV Experience


For those of you music fans who may know of the following album cover art… …you may not know that it’s an image modified from an existing photograph of the inner barrel of a particle physics detector, an experiment built on the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider at the European […]

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Losing to Lowballers? This is Nothing New, and Neither Are the Remedies…


Note: Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D/I,CQT,ISF-C,DMC-E,EAVA is a co-contributor to this blog article (where noted). After being through the bidding and install job competition wars for over 15 years in the AV industry, I can safely say that I along with others who have written blogs and articles have some great (and frustrating) stories to tell. Many of […]

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Enterprise Connect: The Booth Videos – Day Two


Day two of the Enterprise Connect show provided more excellent experiences with companies specializing in providing unified communications and collaboration solutions. Here are the booth videos from the second day. AGT AGT has improved the way organizations communicate and collaborate for over 20 years. Our passion for technical innovation, visual communication and customer service – […]

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Enterprise Connect: The Booth Videos – Day One


Enterprise Connect delivers a unique opportunity for enterprise end users to meet the industry’s thought and market-leaders and hear comprehensive analyses of the products, technologies and applications that are — or soon will be — in the market. Unified communications, WebRTC, video, wireless, contact centers, the cloud and more make up the focus of Enterprise […]

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A Trendsetter in AV Industry Marketing and Social Media — An Audio Interview with Kelly Perkins, Marketing and Communications Manager


Kelly Perkins, CTS is the marketing and communications manager at AVI Systems, a well-known integrator in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota. She began her AV marketing career with Vaddio, a well-known industry manufacturer. In 2014, after six years with Vaddio, she went on to join AVI Systems where she has had a major impact […]

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The UCC Roadmap in 2015 – An Audio Interview with Jordan Owens of Pexip


In 2014, the realm of unified communications and collaboration expanded in the AV industry like it never had before where industry stalwarts in videoconferencing hardware manufacturing truly began to give way to numerous newer market technologies in cloud computing and virtual machine (VM). Where hardware was once the only answer for companies like Cisco/Tandberg, over the last […]

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A Post-BLC Interview with Christa Bender


I have had the pleasure of knowing quite a few influencers in the audio visual industry, young innovators to CEOs and other executives from manufacturers, solutions providers, integrators and more across the world. To many, the success of an industry can only be attained through the efforts of those that have the ability to make […]

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The Future of Technology in the Classroom — The Next Gen Raspberry Pi 2


In the AV business, technology in the K-12 classroom has been defined in many different ways. From interactive technologies to educational software, manufacturers and solutions providers have provided educators the basis for students to not only learn and grow in a formative manner, but technologically as well. The need for children to move toward a greater understanding […]

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