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Selling to Churches? Create Social Media Campaigns


There’s been a real push for brands to engage on social media. Whereas the Internet gave voice to the masses, social media has created something more: personal availability — which can even be accomplished by a brand. To ignore the unprecedented growth of this communication medium is perilous to any brand, but perhaps worse still […]

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The Generous Giver


There’s a notable shift happening in a pocket of churches here in the U.S. — the turn from churches focusing on Capital Campaigns for major initiatives to a culture of generosity. This change means that the infrequent campaigns that happen years apart are now being replaced by the simple teaching of a generous lifestyle. Jesus […]

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When the Brand Stands Behind You


Manufacturers love to hear these words: “Whenever I see [nsert-brand-name-here] on my equipment, I feel confident about our production.” This is a powerful endorsement from an end-user that is hot marketing copy for creating brand loyalty ads. But how often do you see the opposite happen? “Whenever we see [insert-church-tech-director-here] using our gear, we feel […]

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Loyalty is the New Currency


A friend of mine travels the country providing environmental projection and lighting for churches. The fact that he’s now an Executive Platinum member on American Airlines is due entirely to how frequently he travels the country providing this service to countless churches, where he introduces church leaders to the possibility of endless scenic solutions for […]

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How Streaming Services Reveals Audio/Video/Lighting Needs


In an effort to both reach new people and serve those who cannot come to a church service due to travel, work or illness, churches have increasing added online streaming services. Once again, what used to be reserved for “television churches” has now trickled its way down to even the smallest churches, thanks to advances […]

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Turning Users Into Heroes


It’s safe to say that just about everyone researching a product or company likes a good case study. The story. The context. The technology. Oh yeah: the marketing spin. Have you noticed that the majority of “case studies”  covered in today’s trade publications are more hype and pull quotes than meaningful examples of need/challenge/solution? Surely […]

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Church. Cafe. Bar.


The New York Times recently ran an article about a newer trend in creating church environments in unusual places. The article is worth a read, but I wanted to elaborate on what it means for the A/V/L industry. In short, the article cited examples of churches in Dallas, Washington, D.C. and Tampa where they created unique spaces that […]

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