Anthony Coppedge

Anthony Coppedge

Anthony is an Agile Marketing evangelist and Agile-certified coach. He teaches the proven and unmatched success of Agile for aligning Marketing teams to business outcomes for measurably better deliverables with greater frequency and impact. He has been consulting, teaching, and speaking to leaders since 2003 and writing for rAVe since 2012. Connect with Anthony on LinkedIn.

Turning Users Into Heroes


It’s safe to say that just about everyone researching a product or company likes a good case study. The story. The context. The technology. Oh yeah: the marketing spin. Have you noticed that the majority of “case studies”  covered in today’s trade publications are more hype and pull quotes than meaningful examples of need/challenge/solution? Surely […]

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Who Has the Control?


A presenter. A presentation. Audio. Video. Lights. Control. This is the staple scenario for corporate, education, government and military applications in our industry. In the house of worship market, it looks identical. A pastor. A sermon. Audio. Video. Lights. But no control. In any other market, giving the presenter a control solution — from a […]

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The Right Fit vs. First to Market


We’re in a technology business. As such, you’d think there would be a collective learning from the past that applies towards future technologies. What we continue to see, however, is that we’re often innovating and inventing at such an exponential rate that we’re not taking the time to learn from the past before creating new […]

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Don’t Forget Your Easter Follow-Up


It’s probably too late to try and land some last-minute business for Easter with your church clients and prospects, but what you need to be planning for now is the immediate follow-up within 72 hours of those Sunday services. Churches will have experienced one of their two biggest attendance days of the year. As such, […]

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Church. Cafe. Bar.


The New York Times recently ran an article about a newer trend in creating church environments in unusual places. The article is worth a read, but I wanted to elaborate on what it means for the A/V/L industry. In short, the article cited examples of churches in Dallas, Washington, D.C. and Tampa where they created unique spaces that […]

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December Is the New January


The majority of churches tie their new budget year with the new calendar year, meaning new funds are available come January. But what you may not know is that a lot of churches use December to look for upgrades to stuff into the new year budgets at the last minute. It used to be that […]

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The Future is Mobile, Even in House of Worship


The needs of a vertical market are often so niche-specific that the opportunities seem faint given the greater opportunity for a broad appeal. But sometimes these verticals are strangely aligned along certain technology paths, making it both practical and affordable for the A/V/L industry to develop tools, systems and processes that work across vertical channels. […]

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Back to School Means Back to Church


Back to school means back to church for many Americans. With the days of summer gone, families are regrouping and re-establishing routines — one of which is church attendance. Churches anticipate this every year and know they’ll receive a good bump in attendance. Families are the main demographic of every growing church and that means […]

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Check That InfoComm Name Tag

Of the thousands of attendees this year at InfoComm, be on the lookout for nametags with a church name where the company name usually resides. If you pay attention, you’ll see that what was once considered a niche market is really a nascent AV market. With over 330,000 churches in the United States alone, this under-served […]

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