Austrian Chef Cooks with PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr

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Johann Lafer, Austrian chef, TV chef, entrepreneur and non-fiction author recently equipped his own TV cooking studio with PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr. The installation was done by German-based company Eurolight GmbH.

Lafer commented on his investment: “Cooking is, after all, a sensory experience, all the smells and different flavours play an important role in the composition and enjoyment of the dishes. Not only that, but people also eat with their eyes. Unfortunately, we can’t transmit smell and taste yet, but to ensure that our camera image is completely natural and realistic, we work with professional lighting offerings from PROLIGHTS. The EclPanel TWCJr are simply great for us. They bring out every little nuance of colour perfectly, so that all the ingredients and dishes arrive to our viewers’ screens as fresh and appetizing as we prepare them here in the studio. My lighting crew is also pleased with the reliability and uncomplicated operation. It’s just like cooking, the quality of the ingredients has to be right if you want to achieve a perfect result.”

The EclPanel TWCJr not only offers a wide range of colours, but also perfect white tones from warm to cold temperatures, all with very good colour rendering values ​​(CRI> 90, TLCI> 92).

In addition to control via DMX or W-DMX, the EclPanel TWCJr also enables quick and precise settings directly from the device. The three control buttons allow direct access to the colour temperature, +/- green and magenta shift as well as HSI. A mode is also available in which the device can be controlled segment by segment.