Aurora Supports Higher Education with $6.6 Million Donation of Control Products


Aurora Multimedia is donating $6.6 million in IP control system products to HETMA to support growth in higher education locations that cannot upgrade or develop their AV technology. HETMA will distribute these products to schools that cannot afford to make this technology available to the faculty and students. A portion of the donation is the Aurora RXT-10VS (10” VESA Mount Control/Touch Screen) and RXT-15VS (15” VESA Mount Control/Touch Screen). These all-in-one touchscreen/controllers will enable automated control of classrooms and possibly develop a curriculum for students learning to program using web standard protocols with the Aurora ReAX control system tools.

“The higher ed vertical cannot be successful without initiatives like this being provided by Aurora Multimedia. HETMA is thankful to provide opportunities to schools who lack the resources to implement high-quality technology in their classrooms,” said Joe Way, cofounder and chair of HETMA.

“We know the impact technology has on the learning experience. We look forward to seeing this scholarship program grow and change the lives of students and faculty,” said Erin Maher-Moran, vice-chair of HETMA.

“Aurora believes education is key. It is important to provide the product and tools for teachers to present properly using the latest technologies. Equally important is to supply students with technologies they can learn from and demonstrate their creative talents. The ReAX products will allow students to learn about HTML and JavaScript and practical application use,” said Paul Harris, CEO of Aurora Multimedia.

HETMA has created a scholarship committee led by Programs Chair Tim Van Woeart to administer and manage the program.