Aurora Debuts DXP-62 Presentation Scaler/Switcher

DXP-62-FRONT-TOP400-405x91-0516The Aurora DXP-62 is a presentation scaler/switcher that takes HDMI, VGA, component (YPbPr) and composite inputs scaling all up to 1900×1200 HD resolution output. It accepts up to four HDMI inputs and two VGA/YPbP/composite inputs and scales all of them and send the output to both an HDMI and an HDBaseT output simultaneously. The HDBaseT output will pass PoH power to the included HDBaseT Receiver as well as RS232 and IR control for the display. With the addition of four external audio inputs, additional MIC input with independent volume control, de-embedding line level stereo output and auto sensing/switching video inputs, the DXP-62 is aimed at Classrooms, Conference Rooms and AV Cart applications.

Control is RS232. IR or LAN and the switcher has both VGA (computer, component and composite signals) and HDMI (digital signals) ports to handle the various input types and it’s made to be mounted under a table or podium.

Here are all the detailed specs.