Aurora Adds AI-Based Control System Capability into ReAX; Dubbed Core Studio AI


Aurora just announced the ReAX Core Studio AI, an AI for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and control logic code. AI will now allow a programmer to enter the required parameters, and in seconds, JavaScript code will appear for use. The company says this will make programming quicker and easier and will educate new programmers on how to code for different circumstances of varying complexities. ReAX Core Studio AI is available from Aurora for free.

Aurora says drag-and-drop interface allows for design while enabling rapid duplication and reuse of code blocks. Control programs are published to any ReAX-capable control system as a web page. Once loaded on the controller, the control page can be accessed from virtually any device with a web browser. A few examples include Aurora’s RTX touch panels, tablets such as iPad, smartphones, a PC browser and many other devices. Furthermore, the company says most devices (including those running iOS, Android, Chrome browser and others) can launch the Core Studio control pages as a full-screen web app, allowing for a control experience without needing a native app.

Here’s a video with a demo of how it works:

Core Studio integrates all of the common control elements, such as buttons, various toggle elements, sliders, drop-down menus, spin boxes, icons and other design and graphical elements. In addition, Aurora says the control page can include advanced features such as live streaming video preview windows for Aurora’s AV over IP devices. HTML iframes allow users to include content from the web, such as weather feeds, news feeds, stock tickers, or any other local or internet-based website content. While Core Studio is a ground-up remake of Aurora’s existing YIPI and WOWE tools, the company says it has a familiar interface that existing users will understand with little or no learning curve. The published code has been completely revamped, though, using Node.js.