Auralex Now Shipping ProKit-1 and ProKit-2 ProPanel Kits

auralex-prokit-0415Auralex Acoustics is now shipping its ProPanel ProKit-1 and ProKit-2 kits — all-in-one acoustical room treatment systems designed to address the acoustic and aesthetic needs of the small and medium-sized project studio (ProKit-1) as well as the most demanding professional mix/mastering environments (ProKit-2).

Consisting of beveled-edge 2’x4’x2” ProPanel fabric-wrapped Class A absorptive fiberglass panels, these cost-effective kits are highly effective at controlling critical mid- and high-band frequencies. The ProKit-1 and ProKit-2 kits also include 2’x4’x2” mitered-edge ProPanel corner treatments that provide low-frequency absorption, which is critical in small and medium-sized rooms. Based on the 2” thickness of the ProPanels included in both kits, there is a greater surface area of coverage per panel over other competing offerings. The Auralex ProKit-1 and ProKit-2 room treatment systems are available in two standard fabric choices, sandstone or obsidian, and include all mounting hardware.

ProPanel ProKit-1:

  • For rooms 12’x12’ and up
  • Two M224 SST & OBS
  • Seven B224 SST & OBS

ProPanel ProKit-2:

  • For rooms 18’x20’ and up
  • Six M224 SST & OBS
  • 12 B224 SST & OBS

Specific specs are here.