Auralex Acoustics Offers Standalone App RLX: Room Layout eXpress

Auralex Acoustics has announced that its RLX: Room Layout eXpress acoustical treatment app is available as a standalone app available on the Apple App Store and Android App Store starting in January 2019. The RLX app is an automated treatment app that is specifically designed to give recommendations for various small room types and gives users the ability to get acoustical treatment suggestions on their mobile devices.

The recommendations provided are based on both the type of room selected, and the suggested amount of necessary acoustic treatment required based on your specific square footage with our comprehensive line of Absorption, Bass Trapping and Diffusion products. You are also able to input various types of equipment and gear used in your room. The app will use this information to provide suggestions on applicable ISO Series Products that can further help your room acoustics.

More details are here.