August Temperature Check Results: The Resimercial Market

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, when home offices became more popular than ever, we started to hear more and more about resimercial technologies. Resimercial solutions are those that blend residential and commercial aesthetics and technologies in order to cultivate workspaces that support both productivity and well-being.

For our August Temperature Check, we wanted to find out what you guys thought of this new and ever-evolving segment of the market. We were also interested in learning about any resimercial projects our readers might be working on.

The first question we asked was “Have you successfully completed any projects involving resimercial technology integration?”

Have you successfully completed any projects involving resimercial technology integration


The majority of respondents said they have either completed multiple projects with successful outcomes or completed a few projects with some challenges. The minority indicated that they do not have any immediate plans for resimercial technology integration.

Alesia Hendley of Sennheiser commented that the results of this question likely speak to the rise of the resimercial market following the pandemic.

“Though there have been a handful of select integration companies working the balancing act of Resimercial successfully for some time now, the pandemic forced the hand of many more,” Hendley said.


The next question we asked our readers was “What specific resimercial technologies are you currently using or considering for your projects?”

What specific resimercial technologies are you currently using or considering for your projects (3)

Hendley said the variety of both commercial and residential technology being used or considered in projects is also likely a result of the pandemic.

“Supply chain issues forced us to get creative and explore new products in both commercial and residential. The hybrid workplace also shined a spotlight on a market that commercial hadn’t necessarily taken seriously in the past. It was left to Youtubers and more of the consumer influencers,” she said.

We asked those that answered “other” to the previous question to specify what resimercial technologies they are currently using or considering using for their projects. Here’s what they said:

  • High-end amps and AVB networks in theme parks and water parks
  • Savant Automation
  • Sonos
  • Lutron
  • Enterprise-grade networks for residential applications
  • Traditionally residential controls (such as Control4 and Crestron) for commercial applications

When asked about the results of this question, Mark Goldman, vice president of sales at Pro Audio Technology and Theory Audio Design, said he was surprised audio wasn’t one of the main components in the projects.

“Around 75% of Pro Audio Technology and Theory Audio Design integrators have completed at least one resimercial project over the past 12-24 months and almost all of them see resimercial business increasing,” Goldman said.

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