AudioScience to Showcase Hono Devices Working with Cisco’s AVB Equipment at InfoComm 2017

Orlando, Florida (June 13, 2017) AudioScience is pleased to showcase its Hono AVB Virtual Soundcard (VSC) and Avnu certified Hono endpoints working with a Cisco Server and a Cisco AVB switch at InfoComm 2017 in Booth 5445.

AudioScience will highlight the behind the scenes AVB efforts that have been going on for months. With AudioScience’s suite of AVB products as well as Cisco’s server and AVB switch, InfoComm attendees will get to see the promise of an AVB network fulfilled. The Hono AVB family, includes the VSC, AVB Controller, Avnu-certified Hono AVB Mini and Hono AVB Custom.  With this product line you can transmit and receive 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel streams. Sample rates of either 48 and 96 kHz are supported. The 64 channel version of the Hono Virtual Sound Card (VSC) has been upgraded and now has 16 audio streams on both transmit and receive.

With Cisco® IOS® XE Software Release 16.3, Cisco now supports the IEEE 802.1 AVB standard on select Cisco Catalyst® 3850 and select Cisco Catalyst 3650 switches.  Cisco Catalyst 3850 and 3650 switches offer industry-leading scalability in the fixed configuration category of switches. As a result, they can be deployed as aggregation or access switches in large networks or as core switches in smaller networks. These switches are currently in Avnu certification.

Furthering the adoption of AVB, AudioScience has teamed up with Cisco, FTR, Harman and a number of other professional AV companies that will equip courtrooms with the latest audio networking technology and enable them to serve their vital role with greater efficiency, security and equality.  This effort is designated Connected Justice ( ).

For the Hono AVB Controller:

For the Hono AVB VSC:

For the Hono AVB Custom:

For the Hono AVB Mini:

For AVB product, pricing and further information, contact Nicole Santiago in the US at +1-302-324-5333, T.K. Pang in Asia at +65 98184303 or Delio Brignoli in the EU at +44 203 287 3541. Alternatively, email