AudioControl New 16×100-Watt Amp Ships

audiocontrol featured D3200 Rear zoom5 0513

audiocontrol-D3200-Rear_zoom5-0513AudioControl is shipping its new Director D4400, which offers amplification and programmable signal processing via the network. Power output is rated at a minimum of 100 watts per channel into 16 channels, all channels driven. The Director D4400 is also bridgeable and, while the power output is rated at 8 ohms, AudioControl claims it is stable into lower impedances but doesn’t specify those details on its website or the literature for the product. Other features include graphic and parametric equalization settings for each channel and a total of 128 filters, programmable electronic crossover, dual buss inputs with signal source switching over a network and a memory bank for pre-set zones. It’s housed in a 3U enclosure.

The D440 details are here: