AudioControl Launches New Audio Amplifier Platform Leveraging GaN Semiconductors


AudioControl just launched an audio amplifier platform leveraging GaN (Gallium Nitride) semiconductors from GaN Systems. AudioControl engineers have created a circuit that establishes a new bar for power and sound quality, now available in the CM Series four-channel, three-channel, and two-channel 70-volt Dual-Mode amplifiers.

The AudioControl engineering team was tasked with elevating the performance standard for the 70-volt Dual-Mode audio amplifier category. 70-volt amplifiers are useful for driving many loudspeakers but have always suffered from performance limitations, often lacking clarity and reduced bass extension. Now, in burgeoning resimercial markets such as bars, restaurants, retail outlets and corporate offices/boardrooms as well as large residential/outdoor entertainment projects, the sound quality of 70-volt amplifiers had to be elevated to satisfy discerning clients.

GaN (Gallium Nitride) is a semiconductor material that was initially designed for the challenging demands of avionics, space, satellite and 5G wireless applications. By using GaN Systems’ power semiconductors as the foundation for a new amplifier platform, AudioControl engineers were able to achieve high-output power, unparalleled efficiency, reduced distortion and ultra-low signal-to-noise resulting in outstanding sonic rendering from a highly efficient circuit that fits elegantly inside a sleek form factor.