Audio Video Furniture’s Mobile Display Stand Designed Accommodates SMART kapp 84

You know how most monitor stands and carts that have wheels have casters? Then you also know that casters don’t perform well on carpets. Well, AVFI’s SYZ84 is a mobile stand with modern ball-bearing wheels that allow this unit to be rolled on any surface. This matters as the old-fashioned caster-way is dangerous and just isn’t built to push them safely because of the weight (and ultimate center-of-gravity) of most displays.

Some great design features include the column has grommets both on the top and bottom for passing cables inside the unit, The base is built of steel rather than aluminum so that the center-of-gravity is low to the floor, the monitor bracket that attaches to the column cane be moved to accommodate varying heights for different applications and it has the same accessible base design (that many of the AVFI products have) to allow access to the monitor without tripping over support legs. And, this product was specifically designed to accommodate the SMART kapp84 capture board (model SYZ84-K) as well as 40″ – 65″ displays including SMART kapp IQ 55″ and 65″ capture board (model SYZ84-S) and 70″ – 80″ displays (model SYZ84-XL).

This SYZ84 is available in white or black metal in two configurations, SYZ84-K (white only) and SYZ84-S/XL (white or black). The entire stand is 68” high, 22” deep and 44” wide. More information is here.