Audio-Technica Expands NARUKAMI Line with HPA-KG NARU Tube Headphone Amplifier

audio technica narukami

Audio-Technica just launched the NARUKAMI HPA-KG NARU Tube Headphone Amplifier and ATH-AWKG Closed-Back Dynamic Wooden Headphones.

The front and side panels of the HPA-KG NARU tube amplifier/preamplifier are crafted from kurogaki wood, Japanese black persimmon wood with “wavy black figuring that can be found nowhere else.” The metal mesh covering that protects the vacuum tubes is evocative of the pattern of the flat needles of the Ayasugi tree. The top of the HPA-KG NARU tube amplifier/preamplifier is styled to reflect the appearance of a KARESANSUI or dry landscape garden, representing water flows.

The headphone amplifier/preamplifier employs four Takatsuki 300B power tubes and also includes ECC83S gold pin small-signal tubes. The HPA-KG NARU utilizes a dual-mono configuration and has a fully-balanced drive design, for sound with depth and presence. It offers both balanced 4.4 mm and standard 1/4-inch headphone jacks.

The amplifier also provides an impedance selector switch.

The ATH-AWKG headphones feature purpose-designed 53-mm drivers with Permendur magnetic circuitry. Each driver is equipped with a titanium flange and a 6N-OFC high-purity oxygen-free voice coil. Audio-Technica’s exclusive D.A.D.S. Double Air Damping System provides accurate bass response. The ATH-AWKG is designed for maximum long-wearing comfort, and is supplied with an additional set of ZMF Universe Hybrid earpads. The headphones are equipped with Audio-Technica’s A2DC jacks and two 9.8-foot (3.0 mm) detachable cables with 4-pin balanced and standard 1/4-inch jacks. Adding to its elegance, the ATH-AWKG comes in a presentation box with kurogaki wood accents.