Audio-Technica Drops Wireless Manager Software for Network Wireless Systems

audio technica ise2020 1Audio-Technica announced the release of its Wireless Manager software, a Mac OS/Windows application for remote configuration, control, monitoring, spectrum management and frequency coordination of compatible Audio-Technica devices in sound reinforcement or installed sound applications. With connectivity for A-T 5000 Series wireless microphone system and the new 3000 Series featuring network control and monitoring, the software package offers a broad range of control and management functions of networked devices, grouped into three tabs: device list, frequency coordination and monitor.

Wireless Manager’s device list auto-discovers connected compatible Audio-Technica hardware and allows users to populate a device list of Audio-Technica and other manufacturers’ wireless systems. From the device list tab, users can edit/modify transmitter and receiver parameters of network-enabled Audio-Technica devices, including upload of setups created offline. Devices can be assigned tags for easy system grouping for frequency coordination and monitoring purposes.

The frequency coordination function delivers Audio-Technica wireless system users powerful spectrum management tools, allowing real-time spectrum scanning via connected network-enabled receivers, or the option of using the pre-loaded television channel database for off-site planning. Based on spectrum availability, Wireless Manager quickly provides an estimate of available channels and uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically create an efficient, interference-free channel plan and then pushes that plan to all connected network Audio-Technica devices. Users have the option of setting manual frequency exclusions to avoid prohibited frequency bands and other wireless systems in operation at a given location.

On Audio-Technica network wireless systems enabled for Wireless Manager, the Monitor tab allows live monitoring of connected systems with the option of filtering the displayed devices by assigned tag groups. Parameters monitored include AF, RF, battery, transmit power and more. Wireless Manager allows users to assign alerts for performance values of parameters such as signal strength and battery level and offers event logging. Wireless Manager also includes a Tool Box function offering walk test, user access control and cable loss calculation functionality.

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A-T’s Wireless Manager software is available for download here.

Here’s a video we shot of the Wireless Manager software at ISE 2020: