Audio-Technica Adds ATDM-1012 Digital SmartMixer

audio technica smartmixer

Audio-Technica has expanded its range of Digital SmartMixer products with the introduction of the ATDM-1012. The ATDM-1012 Digital SmartMixer is for a wide variety of installed audio applications where mix-minus operation or audio pickup from specific zones within a space is required.

The ATDM-1012 is a 14 input / 12 bus matrix mixer featuring 10 mic/line inputs with preamps, two stereo line inputs, USB audio I/O, eight balanced outputs and two unbalanced stereo outputs. Ten additional digital inputs can be added either via an AT-LINK digital connection or over Dante – available with the Dante-enabled ATDM-1012DAN version. (A-T LINK is a proprietary communication protocol for digital interconnection of compatible A-T Commercial Audio microphone and mixing solutions. A-T LINK transmits uncompressed multi-channel digital audio and control information via category cables with minimal latency.) Up to two A-T ES954 Hanging Microphone Arrays or ES964 Boundary Array Microphones (sold separately) can be integrated with the mixer.

Here’s a product video of the ATDM-1012DAN that we shot at InfoComm 2024:

Each input channel of the ATDM-1012 is equipped with phase inversion, low-cut filter and a four-band parametric EQ. Inputs can be routed through the routing matrix to any of the 12 busses, which each feature independent volume settings. The ATDM-1012’s smart mixing capabilities offer four mixing groups that can either be gain sharing or gating mixers. Each of the ten microphone input channels has an Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) processor. Additionally, ten compressors/de-essers and eight feedback suppressors can be freely assigned to any of the input or output channels to ensure maximum audio quality at all times.