Audio Matters! Creative Self Expression Wall and Contest at Media Vision’s Booth

phpdTcaoMPMHaving a longing for the good old-fashion blackboard? Media Vision will display one of these antiques at their booth #411 as an affective communication surface for InfoComm attendees to answer this question: Tell us Why Audio Matters?

“Audio matters because it’s where emotion lives …” said David Leonard, Manager of Multimedia Services at The World Bank. “A video conference without video is a teleconference. But a video conference without audio is a mime show! (Almost everybody hates mimes)” answered JD Mars, Owner of Sierra Sound Lab.

Contribute to this creative project by sharing your opinion as to why good quality audio is important. At the end of every show day, Media Vision’s team will vote for the most original and m eaningful response. The winning contributor will win two tickets to a music performance of their choice.

Media Vision is a provider of high quality conference microphone systems, dedicated to improving audio intelligibility in meeting environments. Show that you care about audio, contribute, and review the colorful trail of chalk dust at Media Vision booth #411.

About Media Vision
Media Vision is a leading provider of professional wired and wireless conferencing solutions for multipurpose meeting rooms, VTC boardrooms, training centers, council chambers and auditoriums. Supported by feature-rich, flexible technologies, powerful software, and a dedicated product engineering team, we work with system integrators and consultants to design conferencing solutions that improve the audio intelligibility in the room and on the far end for distance communication. Additional information can be found at