Audio Gear Group Will Launch Extended BLACK Brand at CEDIA 2018

Audio Gear Group is launching multiple new models in its BLACK high-performance line of upgraded speaker and electronics products. The BLACK series launch includes new in-ceiling and in-wall models, flexible new landscape and outdoor audio speakers, and a 4.2Kilowatt 11-channel pro-cinema-grade amplifier.

Features of the BLACK series include:

  • Thread-strip mounting and rust resistant machine bolts and damped, vibration and resonance resistant pro mounting grips
  • Contour switching on Reference & Performance models to adjust the frequency balance to match the specific room material composition
  • Custom crossover elements, with Protective Shield and audiophile grade components
  • Three levels of performance in all popular sizes – offering integrators maximum flexibility

In addition to all of the above, BLACK offers a matching line of high-quality electronics to include the brand new THEATRO X11, an amplifier offering 11 high-quality channels of thunderous 380 watts each of pro cinema-grade sound.

BLACK Models Being Launched at CEDIA EXPO

  • THEATRO X11 Amplifier – This 234-pound amplifier gives you 11-channels of 380 watts of premium theater sound in one 10RU box. This is more than enough power and channels for just about any theater configuration, whether a 7.2 traditional theater configuration, or 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos setup. The THEATRO X11 offers both unbalanced and balanced XLR inputs. It also offers a 12-volt trigger for integration into your home automation system. The THEATRO X11 is a must see product at the CEDIA EXPO.
  • SC-800 In-Wall Subwoofer – An in-wall subwoofer with 8” injected Polypropylene woofer and 10” passive radiator. The SC-800 is easily installed in wall cavity and uses both an active 8” woofer with a 10” passive radiator. The SC-800 has a paintable frame and grill and is rated to handle 300watts.
  • T64 In-Wall LCR – An in-wall LCR speaker with two 61/4” Graphite Mineral-filled cone woofers and 1” Ceramic Coated Aluminum dome tweeter for superior full-frequency spectrum reproduction. The T64 is a left/center/right speaker that brings tower speaker performance into an in-wall configuration. The woofers employ thermal plastic rubber (TPR) surrounds with has better flex properties yet remains stiffer and longer lasting. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The T64 is rated for 40watts (RMS) and 80 watts (peak).
  • T65 In-Wall LCR– The next step up from the T64, the T65 – an in-wall LCR speaker with two 61/4” Carbon Fiber cone woofers, one 4” paper cone midrange driver, and a 1” Titanium dome tweeter for audiophile-grade full frequency spectrum performance. The T65 incorporates top materials, such as the Carbon Fiber woofers with Thermal Plastic Rubber surrounds, and a Titanium tweeter. The T65 is rated at 100watts (peak) and 60 watts (RMS).
  • R62SS – Super shallow R62SS 6½” in-ceiling speaker that brings true higher fidelity performance with a space saver ultra thin design for those special situations where depth is limited and traditional designs just won’t do. Sold by the pair, the R62SS offers a 6½” Composite Glass Fiber cone woofer, a 1” PEI dome tweeter. Shipped with BLACK’s popular Perfect Edge™ magnetic grills and carrying a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the R62SS offers uncompromised sonic performance with unequalled flexibility in the shallow mount speakers category. R62SS is rated at 25-100 watts power handling.
  • PLS6 Pendant Speaker – An indoor/outdoor 2-way 70v pendant speaker with 6½” Polypropylene cone woofer and 1” Aluminum dome tweeter, the PLS6 is designed for high ceilings and open environments. The PLS6 enclosure is made up of UV-resistant and paintable Polypropylene, for indoor or outdoor use. A separate accessory kit is sold for outdoor mounting. The PLS6 features a 25V/70V/100V/8 ohm selector for simple configuration to either residential or commercial use. The PLS6 is rated to handle 40 watts (RMS) of power.
  • PLS6-ACCPK – This accessory pack includes what you need to convert the PLS6 Pendant Speaker into an outdoor speaker. The kit includes: stake, metal plate, full cap, rubber seal, speaker wire lead, and screws. With the PLS6-ACCPK, the PLS6 design can match the typical outdoor lighting fixture either staked into the ground, or with the metal plate, has a base buried into the turf.
  • P83 Black/White – The P83 is an all-weather outdoor speaker with a full-featured 8” 2-way design. The P83 includes an 8” injected Polypropylene woofer coupled with a 1” Titanium tweeter for mid-range and high frequencies. The P83 can handle 150 watts of power for area-filling sound. Fully weather-proofed, all necessary mounting brackets are included for a recommended under-eave positioning. Note that the P83 also offers 70-volt settings for use in a commercial installation and is available in either a durable Black or White finish.

Audio Gear Group will be in Booth #2711 at CEDIA Expo and can be found here.