Bringing the Network Together: Audio Forum @ ISE 2014

audioforum-0114The Audio Forum at ISE 2014 is a new pre-show event designed specifically to facilitate meetings and knowledge-sharing between professionals and companies in the professional audio community.

A full one-day event taking place on Mon., 3 Feb. at the Amsterdam RAI, the Forum’s main theme will be that of transport protocols used in digital audio — a topic currently causing great debate among content producers, professionals, consultants and distributors.

At the Audio Forum, the professional sound community will be able to “meet around the same table” to discuss some of the most relevant issues for the sector and exchange opinions, ideas and points of view and thus contribute to the growth of the market.

The Forum represents another opportunity to bring together under one roof the world of systems integration and the more vertical environment of professional audio — worlds which have so many elements in common, from the technology to the products, and from the applications to the marketplace.

Here are the details.