Audinate Updates Dante Via with Multichannel and ASIO Support

audinate-asio-0916Audinate has announced the immediate worldwide availability of Dante Via version 1.1, an update that includes ASIO support. Other features include:

  • Multichannel application support – up to 16×16 channels per application
  • Support for high performance ASIO device drivers on Windows PCs
  • Source mixes with individual level controls for stereo destinations
  • Ability to append channels when adding sources to multichannel destinations
  • Device Lock, which prevents unwanted changes to Dante Via 1.1 from other network users

Dante Via allows for audio networking — connecting all computer-based audio, including USB, Thunderbolt and PCIe devices as well as audio applications, to any Dante audio network. With automatic discovery of all audio applications, devices and Dante network endpoints and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Dante Via is fast and easy to use. Version 1.1 takes it even further with support for ASIO-connected devices on Windows, full multichannel functionality for audio applications, level controls on source mixes, and channel appending for multichannel audio destinations.

With increased performance and channel count, Dante Via 1.1 supports up to 16×16 channels of audio for each application and up to 32×32 for each connected device. Composers, performers and recording engineers can now make audio connections between multiple applications and devices within one computer, or between multiple computers using Dante audio networking. By extending existing, cost-effective computer-based I/O over a Dante network, systems for overflow rooms in schools, business and houses of worship are easily created and deployed as needed.

Additional features include Device Lock, which prevents unwanted changes to Dante Via from other computers on the network, and a new Mixer panel that enables level adjustments of multiple sources that are combined at stereo destinations. The new Append Channels feature automatically assigns sources to available channels when connecting to multichannel destinations, allowing for quick and logical routing to DAWs and mixers.

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Dante Via 1.1 is a free upgrade for existing users of Dante Via, who may obtain the new version by clicking “Check for Update” in the Dante Via is priced at $49.95 USD and a 30-day free trial is available here.