Audinate Announces First Deployment of Dante Ready Via K-array’s New Amplifiers

k array kommander thunder mugello

Audinate announced the first available product using Dante Ready, a licensing program that “empowers end-users to add channels of Dante audio to supported products in the field.” The first deployment is with K-array, the professional audio powerhouse, on its new Kommander, Thunder and Mugello amplifiers.

Dante Ready is available for devices built using Dante Embedded Platform, a software implementation of Dante audio designed for Linux-based audio appliances. Dante Ready lets customers activate Dante as software online while devices are in the field, purchasing only as many channels of Dante audio as they require — from 2×2 to 64×64. Once activated, the product licenses never expire and can be expanded as needed through later purchases. All purchases are routed through Audinate’s secure payment system.

The Kommander Series amplifiers from K-array boast cloud-based technologies powered by the Integrated Electronic Brain on board each amp. More than a traditional DSP, the built-in microelectronics feature expansive sound processing and complete user control over the system performance. Volume, signal routing and presets as well as a complete USB player, are directly manageable from the device via a mobile app and dedicated professional interface.