Audinate Releases Dante Connect Audio Transport Solution for Cloud-Based Workflows

dante connect

Audinate announced that Dante Connect, the audio transport solution for cloud-based workflows, is now shipping. Dante Connect is designed to meet the needs of Tier-1 broadcasters and enables mixing editors and A1s to support remote audio production workflows. The complete remote production of audio is enabled by Dante Connect — including the transmission of audio from any Dante-enabled device on location, through cloud services and back down for broadcast.

Audinate also announced that Advanced Systems Group (ASG) and Diversified have signed as distributors to sell and support Dante Connect installations.

ASG and Diversified join HHB Communications as the current worldwide distributors of Dante Connect.

Cloud broadcast production workflows are designed to increase the flexibility of production teams to best utilize tightly constrained talent and hardware to support a wider array of content generation with less expense and travel. Dante Connect enables broadcasters to fully embrace remote audio production, reducing the need for expensive OB trucks and vans, travel by production and on-air talent, and increasing flexibility by production teams. It allows broadcasters to centralize end-to-end production facilities across multiple remote locations simultaneously, even over long distances.