Audience Announces New “OX” Upgrades for Its Adept Response Power Conditioners

phpIKLbj4AMSan Marcos, CA, September 14, 2015 – Audience today announced the availability of its new “O and X” upgrades for its Adept Response AC power conditioners. The optional upgrades are available on all Audience Adept Response standard and TS series power conditioners.

The “O” part of the upgrade designates the use of OHNO oxygen-free continuous cast copper (OCC), 6 nines purity mono-crystal wiring throughout. This is Audience’s top of the line AC power wire design specifically applied for the internal wiring of Audience power conditioners. It yields improved resolution, greater musical “speed” and immediacy and better soundstaging.

The “X” designation indicates the use of new rhodium plated copper internal contacts in the AC outlets. The copper contacts provide the very highest conductivity and the quality rhodium plating prevents oxidation of the copper. These high conductivity receptacles improve virtually every aspect of a system’s audio reproduction.

Further, all new Audience power conditioners now have gold plated copper forks to connect the power conditioners’ filter capacitors to the AC duplex outlets. This construction replaces the previous tin plating-over-copper forks. The new forks provide a noticeably more refined musical presentation.

“When it comes to obtaining the very best performance from a power conditioner we have found time and again that no detail is too small, and the OX upgrades are proof,” said John McDonald, president of Audience. “We are tremendously excited about the improvements in resolution, soundstaging and overall musical refinement that the O and X upgrades provide. Music is reproduced with a noticeably higher degree of resolution and simply sounds more natural and involving with greater tonal richness.”

Audience Adept Response power conditioners are designed and built to the highest standards to enable unmatched transparency, dynamic impact and musical realism in high-end audio systems. They offer state-of-the-art noise filtering, isolation and surge protection thanks to details such as Teflon capacitors with mono crystal copper wire leads (T Series models), welded rather than mechanically fastened connections, magnetic circuit breaker power switches, carefully engineered internal grounding and much more.

Please consult with an authorized Audience dealer or contact the company directly for pricing.