Attero Tech’s Axon C1 Networked Controller Now Shipping

Attero Tech is now shipping the Axon C1 single-gang networked controller. Built specifically for basic audio control applications where easy user interaction is key, the C1 allows simple control of volume, zone source selection and preset recall. With what the company says is an easy-to-read OLED display and intuitive menu navigation, the C1 makes short work of the typical audio adjustments. The small form-factor, cost effectiveness and ease of programming of the Axon C1 means it’s appropriate where more costly and complex touch panels are not well suited for the installation.

The recently released Attero Tech unIFY v3.3 configuration software quickly lets integrators set up and customize C1 menus for exactly the options that each venue requires, without any confusing “extras” that are seldom used. The C1 single knob interface was conceived from the initial design to be straightforward for venue staff to just “walk up and use.”

The Axon C1 is a fully networked control interface, supporting network control over both TCP/IP and UDP. The network design of the C1 can integrate with the Attero Tech platform, of course, as well as natively around other platforms. For example, an Attero Tech-developed Q-SYS plugin is available that eases integration of the C1 in systems using QSC DSP processors. In addition to facilitating control of zone volume, sources and presets, the Q-SYS plugin can synchronize multiple C1s which are controlling the same zone. For physically larger venues, zone or room control can easily be put in several places to make it convenient for venue staff. The preset recall functionality can also be used for large divisible spaces so room reconfiguration is quick and easy. Over time, other third party platforms will be added to the list of C1 controllable gear.

Axon C1 is here.