Attero Tech Ships AES67 Networked Audio Products

Attero Tech is now shipping its recently-announced line of AES67 networked audio endpoint products.
Built from the ground up, these AES67 products enable Attero Tech’s innovative audio connectivity technologies to interface with the AES67 enabled Q-SYS Platform from QSC. The new AES67 enabled products are also designed for interoperability with all Dante AES67-enabled technologies, providing maximum flexibility for systems leveraging AES67 as a bridge between modern audio networking platforms.

In addition to basic audio interoperability, all Attero Tech endpoints will offer control integration into Q-SYS Designer software using Q-SYS plug-ins, developed and supported by Attero Tech. Some of these plug-ins are already shipping with Q-SYS Designer v6.2, with additional plug-ins made available through Attero Tech’s  customer portal for download.
Attero Tech’s new plug-ins provide the ability to configure parameters, including preamp controls and I/O levels, routing configurations, and device status updates. Real-time control of Attero Tech product parameters can be easily added to Q-SYS native touchscreen controllers and other Q-SYS enabled software user control interfaces, eliminating the need to integrate and program costly third-party controllers. 
Attero Tech’s AES67 solutions offer 48kHz, 24-bit uncompressed digital audio with 1-millisecond end-to-end latency and system-wide sample synchronization, support for PTPv2 master or slave operation and SAP (Session Announcement Protocol) based stream identification for use with applications supporting SAP Stream Discovery (Dante Controller, Q-SYS Designer, unIFY Control Panel v3.0 and greater). 
Available now and included with Q-SYS Designer v6.2 are plug-ins for Attero Tech’s audio wall plate and flange mount products, including:

  • unA6IO: AES67 Networked Audio Wall Plate – 4×2 Multi I/O
  • unAX4I: AES67 Networked Audio Wall Plate – 4×2 Mic/Line I/O (4 Mic)
  • unAX2IO+ : AES67 Networked Audio Wall Plate – 4×2 Mic/Line I/O (2 Mic)
  • unA6IO-BT : AES67 Networked Audio Wall Plate – 4×2 Multi I/O with Bluetooth
  • unAIO2x2+ : AES67 Networked Audio Interface – 2×2 Mic/Line I/O

Here are the details.