Attend My InfoComm Session: ‘The Future of Workspaces Is All About Experiences’

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InfoComm 2023 Attendees: You asked for it, so I am doing it. I will be delivering my “The Future of Workspaces is All About Experiences” session DURING InfoComm in Orlando on TUESDAY, June 13th @ 3 p.m. — THIS WILL SELL OUT — so sign up NOW! Register here.

Here’s more information:

“Whether we liked our office before the pandemic or not, it’s clear workspaces are now different since we’ve started to return to normal. We have a generation of workers who took the ‘work from anywhere’ mantra literally and loved working from home, hotels or Airbnbs; another generation of people who are nervous about returning to the office; and there’s a team of others who need to be surrounded by work to, well, work. Then, the AV designers and integrators were charged with formulating plans to bring everyone back. And the approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. But one trend is emerging as the overriding winning formula to bring everyone together again. It involves a combination of emerging technology, design thinking and experiences that incorporate co-working, remote workers and in-person workers. The technology needs to work for all workers seamlessly and easily.”