In An Attempt To Catch @AVPhenom

First congratulations Mark Coxon for writing the blog on writing your 100th rAVe [Publications] blog. Happy anniversary — all have been great.

My turn…

It all started for me in April of 2013 and the story in itself is interesting. Gary Kayye, who we know is the owner of rAVe, sent out a tweet one day asking for anyone in AV to send him their five likes or dislikes about the industry. I’ll let you guess what I sent him. Now I was a Twittophite at the time and seeing this Tweet spurred me on to get involved in the conversation. I figured that Gary might see it and place it in the memory file. However what happened next literally threw me for a loop. Gary got back to me and asked if I would send him some more. I obliged and sent him a little content. It was after that he sent me a reply saying he liked it and asking if I would join the BlogSquad. I was rendered speechless and for those who know me well, those moments are few and way far between. My influence was not an educator though, it was my daughter who is the real writer in the family. Before this I wrote a mean scope of work, but never a blog.

I wrote my first blog on Cross-Platform Development in AV and IT. You’ll see that there are no shares. In fact it took me a little while to get some shares and views going and this was the start of it all Getting AV/IT Business Done in the Great White North a blog on one of the leading AV integrators in Canada — Sharps AV. The next blog on an AV integrator in India, Innocast Media also did very well however the big one was of course Disruptive Forces in AV/IT. That blogging story as well as others are explained in Writing the Interview Blog — It’s Topical, and Personal. I actually started to wear out at this point and decided to take a small break, not even sure if a planned second round on Disruptive Forces would occur. However, committed as I was to doing it I did undertake the project and it includes highly  innovative visionaries in the videoconferencing and collaboration space in the series Disruptive Forces: The Leaders Speak. And leaders they are — with more to come.

I will close in mentioning that Mark and I (who have been good friends for a long time now since writing for rAVe) almost five months back created what has become a driving force and that’s cAValry Rides. For those of you who have already joined the cAValry membership thank you, for those who have not yet just go to cAValry Rides on Twitter — we’re @cAValryRides. This of course has led to something that we have to thank Gary and Sara for helping to open the door to, and that’s The cAValry Rides Show on rAVe Radio. We hope you all give it a listen as it will continue to have great features, guests, call-ins from some great music personalities and music from our cAValry Rides Canadian Power Trio “Drowning in the Mainstream” (DITM) in every show.

So congratulations @AVPhenom and yes, keep looking behind you — I’ll be catching up before you know it as people say to me you blog so much when do you sleep? And I say sleep? It’s so overrated…