ATS-Pro Unveils 4 New Taylorleds LED Systems at InfoComm 2024

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InfoComm 2024, Las Vegas, June 12-14 (Booth W3801) – ATS-Pro, a master LED design firm and exclusive U.S. distributor for Taylorleds LED systems, will use this InfoComm Show to debut four revolutionary new modular LED lines for both indoor and outdoor applications.

“Our ATS-Pro distribution business was born out of our award-winning AV design and installation firm Activate The Space,” explained ATS-Pro CEO Chris Pelzar. “Through our 18-plus years of experience, we understand the importance of empowering our growing installation partners with technical and design support. Taylorleds has embraced this mission and works closely with us to design products that address real-world challenges while delivering exceptional features, value, and picture quality. These four products are just the beginning.”

WX Pro Series – A New Benchmark in Performance, Format, and Value

Featuring an ultra-thin (barely over 1” in depth) but expansive 960 x 540 mm, 16:9, base panel, the WX Pro Series enables easy assembly of large displays with fewer panels to install and fewer areas to unseam. The range also includes a selection of secondary panels in various sizes, allowing AV integrators to easily optimize shape and size. The optional 45-degree frame allows for corners and cubes.

Exceptional video performance includes pixel pitch from 1.2mm to 3.7mm. Novastar’s powerful A10S Pro Card provides advanced video capabilities. The upgraded driving ICs enable the WX Pro Series to fully leverage the Novastar COEX line of processors. As a result, it offers high refresh rates, precise shutter control for on-set use, and dynamic color control, including 3D LUT, 14-channel color correction, and HDR10.

WU Pro Series II – Cable-Less 16:9 Indoor MIP Panel with Superb Contrast and Brightness

The WU Pro Series II has increased brightness to 1,200 nits from its earlier version. The Novastar A10S Pro Receiver Card also ensures superior color accuracy and graphic capabilities for demanding bright environments.

AV integrators will appreciate the WU Pro Series’ slender 34mm depth and feathery 12 lbs (5.5kg) weight, which enables displays of impressive size while minimizing weight-bearing concerns. Versatility is further enhanced thanks to a wire-free architecture that integrates power and data connectivity into each module. Front panels are easily removed for full module-level access and maintenance.

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WN Pro Series – The New Flip-Chip COB System

The innovative WN Pro Series features Flip-Chip COB and Novastar A10S Pro cards. It offers 30% more energy savings at the same brightness as more conventional systems. The WN Pro Series delivers spectacular highlights, incredible details in shadows, and vibrant, true-to-life colors. Before leaving the factory, every panel is fully calibrated and features multiple pro reference modes for HDR color grading.

VE Pro Series – Versatile Touring Panel with Elevated Graphics Performance

VE Pro Series is a groundbreaking Touring LED system explicitly designed for live event excellence. It offers unparalleled video quality courtesy of the Novastar A10s Pro Card and the MX COEX VMP Platform.

VE Pro Series also features higher frame sync, allowing touring panels to easily frame sync with camera capture for clean and crisp live broadcast. Additional out-of-the-box functionality includes advanced camera correction capabilities and support for high frame rates.

VE Pro Series panels are available in two sizes, 500mm x 500mm or 500mm x 1000mm, with options for outdoor use rated IP65/54. Crews will appreciate the VE Pro Series’ anti-collision protection, curve lock systems for flexible screen designs, and superior panel rigging for easy installation.

About ATS-Pro

ATS-Pro is a leading advanced LED display technology distributor and the exclusive U.S. distributor for Taylorleds LED systems. Founded by industry veteran Chris Pelzar, the same mind behind the pioneering AV design and installation firm Activate The Space, ATS-Pro benefits from extensive hands-on experience to deliver unprecedented support and technical acumen to a growing network of AV Integrators. With offices in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and Orlando, Florida, ATS-Pro operates as a full-service extension to top-tier LED brands from around the world, with dedicated account managers, world-class technical support staff, on-staff LED repair, marketing veterans, and industry thought leaders working together to build strong brands through meaningful support and exceptional customer service.