Atomos Ships Spyder Color Calibration

atomos-spyder-1213Atomos is now shipping the Spyder calibration tool. Developed in partnership with New Jersey-based Datacolor, the Atomos Spyder gives Samurai Blade one button color calibration normally only found on high end monitors. With Spyder, the Samurai Blade gains the ability to accurately calibrate to the SMPTE Rec 709 color space with a D65 white point with 100 percent gamut and is fully customizable after calibration.

Atomos Spyder features:

  • Extreme precision 7 sensor calibration
  • USB to LANC serial control unit included for automatic calibration.
  • Calibrate to 6500K ITU-Rec709 white point with delta-E better than 2 down to 20 percent grey
  • User adjustments of lift, gain and gamma per channel after initial calibration

Here are all the specs.