Atomos Enables Wireless or Wired NDI Transmission in Range of Cameras


NDI has become the industry standard for IP production delivery, offering a cost-effective alternative to SMPTE 2110. Now, for anyone with a Ninja V or V+ fitted with an ATOMOS CONNECT, or a Shogun CONNECT, Atomos enables mobile (WiFi) or Ethernet NDI connectivity for a vast range of cameras, with built-in live monitoring and recording.

The new NDI HX2 firmware update, available for $/€99, supports NDI HX2 transmission up to 1080p60 with Shogun CONNECT and Ninja V+ with ATOMOS CONNECT (1080p30 for Ninja V+ and ATOMOS CONNECT) while simultaneously recording in Apple ProRes or Avid DNx.

Atomos provides wireless or wired NDI transmission, a live viewfinder and local recording from a single, battery-operated device.

HDMI or SDI can connect a camera and microphone to the Atomos CONNECT series monitor-recorder, and then connect to a local area network using either Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable. Once NDI is enabled to transmit, the video stream is available to any suitable device on the local area network sub-net. The NDI stream can then be viewed, recorded, or used as a source for OBS or a NewTek TriCaster and then retransmitted as part of a larger production.