Atomos Debuts Color Accurate Studio LED Lighting Strips


Atomos announced Sun Dragon, 99% sun spectrum-accurate (CRI:99, TCLI:98), 5-color HDR LED production lights in LED strip form. Maintaining 2000 lumens end to end, the company says the 16ft (5m) high-density lighting system comes with wired DMX and ethernet and wireless RF, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for control and configuration.

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With Sun Dragon, Atomos says filmmakers can adapt their lighting to any set or live event, indoors or outdoors, bending the flexible lighting for both HDR and SDR shooting. Instead of a conventional fixed, heavy and cumbersome form factor, it is a malleable strip of ultra-dense 5-color LED lights. The company says the density avoids annoying micro shadows — which can require diffusers on regular thin LED light strips — and increases the relative brightness to high levels.


Atomos says it’s easy to flex Sun Dragon to any shape, carefully controlling reflections and shadows with a precision that’s “simply not possible with traditional fixed-shape lighting.” If consumers still need a panel source, the company says they can coil the Sun Dragon in a spiral and it behaves like a panel light source. Wider spirals make a wider light throw, and denser spirals form a closer, more intense beam. Each Sun Dragon comes with a spiral carry case, with metal mounting options on the rear, and magnetic removable diffuser covers for more traditional light panel use.

Atomos says traditional LED strips are typically not accurate in color and brightness due to poor LED quality, and the end-to-end accuracy drops off significantly, resulting in varying performance on set. Sun Dragon solves these issues with its 5-color arrangement and accurately maintains 2000 lumens end to end, giving faithful color and brightness reproduction, according to Atomos.

The company says Sun Dragon is  water-resistant, dust proof and waterproof to a depth of one meter. That means rain, spray and accidental spillage pose no threat to these all-weather lights, which can easily cope with desert or beach environments.