Atomos AtomX Sync Module Adds Wireless Timecode, Genlock and Bluetooth to the Ninja V

The new $149 Atomos AtomX Sync module for the Ninja V monitor recorder brings wireless timecode and genlock to any HDMI source, including DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. There is also simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity for Ninja V app control, and additional sync functionality using Bluetooth to any compatible video, audio device or smartphone app.

AtomX Sync can integrate into large sensor consumer cameras and traditional live productions. All captured video will share a common timecode that can be recognized by all mainstream NLEs. The module docks directly into the Atomos Ninja V monitor/recorder’s modular expansion slot and is controlled and integrated with the AtomOS operating system and touchscreen interface. You can even remotely control and configure other Ninja V recorders equipped with the module on the same network up to 300m away. Any device can be a master or a slave.

The AtomX Sync uses class leading wireless synchronization technology licensed from Timecode Systems. Operating on sub 1GHz frequencies (865.05 to 923.2MHz) enables great range even in crowded environments.

AtomX Sync also has a built-in battery extender that allows for continuous power for up to seven minutes when swapping batteries.

Together with the Atom X Ethernet/NDI module also launched today, the AtomX Sync module is the first in a series of AtomX solutions to come. AtomX modules dock into the battery slot, and multiple modules can be stacked passing power and offering advanced connections and functions. The Ninja V expansion port is a high-speed data interface that supports PCI Express Gen3, USB 3.1, 12G SDI and HDMI 2.0. It is bi- directional and built to carry high quality video, audio and power for practically limitless expansion.

Details on the Ninja V are here and the AtomX is here.