Atomos Adds RAW Recording Over HDMI to SIGMA and Ninja V

atomos raw recording

Atomos added RAW recording over HDMI with the SIGMA fp mirrorless camera and Atomos Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder. Together the fp and Ninja V will record Apple ProRes RAW at 4K DCI p24 or 4k UHD up to p30 directly from the camera’s full-frame sensor.

The SIGMA fp also becomes the smallest camera combination to record ProRes RAW, opening up a wide range of shooting options. The camera’s small size means you can shoot with the full flexibility of RAW almost anywhere. The fp body is perfect for mounting as a POV or crash camera, for use on gimbals or even worn on the body. Alternatively, with the addition of Ninja V, cage and other accessories, the fp can also be built out into a fully rigged cinema-style camera with the option to use a wide range of L-mount lenses natively or PL mount, EF mount and many other lenses via the use of adapters. The accurate 5″ 1000nit HDR high brightness display of the Ninja V allows users to view the SIGMA fp RAW signal in HDR in a choice of HLG and PQ (HDR10) formats for optimal exposure. The monitor also offers touchscreen access to tools like 1-1 magnification and peaking for accurate focus, plus waveform, vectorscope and false color to nail exposure for the perfect HDR or SDR shot.

The Ninja V can also record 422 ProRes and DNx video up to 4Kp29.94 and 120p119.88 from the standard 8-bit HDMI output of the SIGMA fp. For reliability and affordability, ProRes RAW or standard video files are recorded to AtomX SSDmini SATA drives in the Ninja V. With the 12 bit RAW you are able to capture over 68 billion color graduations versus the 8 bit internal with just over 16.7 million providing excellent flexibility in the grade. The efficiency of ProRes RAW will give you over 2.5 hours recording in 4k DCI p24 on a 1TB SSD, and its edit friendly nature offers a slick workflow with the ability to adjust ISO and exposure offset in FCPX or Assimilate Scratch.

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ProRes RAW recording requires the free SIGMA V2.01 firmware update for the fp already available and the free AtomOS 10.53 update for Ninja V is available now at the Atomos website.

Watch this video for an overview of Atomos ProRes RAW: