Atlona Unveils OmniStream, IP-Based AV Distribution Line with Dual-Channel 4K/UHD Encoder and Decoder

atlona-ic-0616Atlona today launched OmniStream, its first line of networked AV products designed for integrating and distributing 4K/UHD video, audio and RS-232 control over Gigabit Ethernet networks. Consisting of five products, the OmniStream line features high density, dual-channel encoding and decoding; redundant AV networks and streams; encrypted content distribution; network error resilience; broadcast-quality 4K video compression with very low latency; and the ability to convey 4K video and Dante audio simultaneously over the same network.

The OmniStream line comprises the following products:

  • AT-OMNI-111 Single-Channel Networked AV Encoder
  • AT-OMNI-112 Dual-Channel Networked AV Encoder
  • AT-OMNI-121 Single-Channel Networked AV Decoder
  • AT-OMNI-122 Dual-Channel Networked AV Decoder
  • AT-OMNI-232 Dual-Channel Dante Networked Audio Interface

Dual-channel encoding and decoding allows each AT-OMNI-112 and AT-OMNI-122 to process two independent 4K/UHD video streams in a single, half-width rack enclosure. The dual-channel components can also be configured for system redundancy, with each encoder and decoder handling two simultaneous streams of the same HDMI source. The two independent streams are encoded and decoded simultaneously, and when a physical or logical connection fault is detected in a primary stream, the decoder automatically switches over to the back-up.

Here are all the tech specs.