Atlona and NETGEAR Partner to Bring Pre-Validated and Interoperable AV-over-IP and Network Switch Solutions

Atlona and NETGEAR PartnerAtlona and NETGEAR have collaborated to offer pre-validated, interoperable solutions that bring Atlona OmniStream AV-over-IP products to the NETGEAR M4250 managed network switches. Atlona claims that setup and configuration times are reduced in large part because NETGEAR M4250 switches from Atlona are ready to go with OmniStream encoders and decoders. Users can power up the switch and follow simple instructions to confirm settings and connect to OmniStream endpoints. This removes the need to configure DHCP address assignments, VLANs and IGMP for multicast streaming.

The Atlona and NETGEAR partnership will address the diverse spectrum of AV-over-IP deployments. Atlona customers can order NETGEAR M4250 switches with eight, 24 or 40 ports. Atlona will also offer NETGEAR SFP+ fiber-optic transceiver modules that fit into the switches for enterprise-level AV-over IP-networks, allowing 10 Gb/s connections between switches for system expansion.