Atlona Intros 4K Switcher with Ethernet Support for HDBaseT Transmitters and Receivers

AT-UHD-CLSO-612EDs_0316Atlona has introduced the AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED, a six-input switcher features built-in 4K scaling (converts any resolution up to 4K @ 30 Hz to any common resolution), mirrored HDBaseT and HDMI outputs, and AV signal extension with Ethernet support. It’s aimed at the educational and small conference room markets. The UHD-CLSO-612ED is equipped with two HDBaseT inputs, two HDMI inputs, two analog inputs and an audio input.

The switcher is designed to work with the Atlona AT-UHD-EX-100CE-TX HDBaseT transmitter and the AT-HDVS-200-TX switcher as remote inputs for sources placed on lecterns, conference tables or any location within 100 meters using CAT6a/7 cable. In addition, an HDBaseT output is provided for remote displays to extend AV and control signals with Ethernet using an AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX 100 meter receiver.

The AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED utilizes PoE technology to power compatible HDBaseT transmitters and receivers. . Source selection as well as volume control and other switcher functions can be controlled via IP, RS232 or IR signals. Automatic input selection on the CLSO-612ED works reliably by sensing the presence of any video signal. The CLSO-612ED can also control the HDBaseT connected display using IP, RS232 or CEC with many controllable displays.

The AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED is $2,299.99. Here are all the specs.