AtlasIED’s New Speaker Cover Aims to Help Hospitals and Others Protect from Dust and Particles

atlasied speaker cover

AtlasIED introduced a new accessory Thursday aimed to help hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, manufacturing and other establishments minimize the spread of dust and other particles that can pass into the air through speaker grilles.

Available as a separate cover (SHS-CVR) or included with AtlasIED’s SHS strategically hidden speaker (SHS-6T2CVR), the rubber cover offers a solution for environments where clean air quality is essential. This is particularly for dust-sensitive manufacturing and testing facilities with “clean-room-type” requirements. The covered SHS speaker can be calibrated so that announcements and paging maintain a high level of clarity and coverage.

The SHS-CVR clean-room speaker cover installs over the opening of the SHS strategically hidden speaker to create a barrier between the building plenum, where particles exist, and the room environment. The SHS-CVR can be ordered as a separate accessory or included with the SHS-6T2 strategically hidden speaker as a kit (SHS-6T2CVR).