AtlasIED’s Digital Audio Solution, ‘Atmosphere’

porsAtlasIED says it is helping security integrators interested in adding digital audio solutions to their product portfolios. Introduced last year, AtlasIED’s innovative Atmosphere digital audio platform is a complete, turnkey audio system designed and engineered for quick deployment in a wide range of commercial environments, with capabilities particularly beneficial for the distribution of high-performance music, scheduled notifications and messaging in restaurants, bars, hotels, school campuses, houses of worship and retail establishments.

Comprising a range of advanced signal processors, amplifiers, plug-and-play controllers and accessory plates, simple to configure software, an intuitive mobile interface for convenient operation and multi-patented built-in intelligence, Atmosphere includes everything an integrator needs to break into and prosper in the commercial audio market, while still providing their customers life safety features through high-priority input options built into the platform.

Atmosphere can serve the digital audio needs of the smallest cocktail lounge to the largest banquet hall. The family of components has been designed to work seamlessly together, minimizing training time and installation, configuration and programming headaches for security integrators and reducing the learning curve for end users. Because Atmosphere is compatible with AtlasIED’s line of loudspeakers (or any standard loudspeaker), the same speakers used for mass communications applications can be used to deliver music.

No matter a commercial establishment’s audio needs, security integrators can satisfy them quickly and conveniently through Atmosphere’s intuitive programming software. The software guides integrators through the configuration process and provides ample opportunity for customization. Daily schedules can be created for the delivery of music and messages. Speakers can be grouped into distinct audio zones, enabling audio to play in only pre-specified areas. Pre-loaded EQ files enable speakers to be easily tuned for the specific application and environment.

Integrators can configure the system to authorize end users to make minor adjustments via a mobile interface directly from their personal devices. Additionally, should any wall-plate accessory of an Atmosphere system accidentally break, the system “self-heals,” instantly recognizing the newly installed wall-plate and loading into it all of the original customized settings automatically. Integrators can have the system back up and running in seconds, dramatically reducing time and manpower typically required to service a digital audio system.

Products currently comprising the Atmosphere digital audio platform:

  • Two varieties of digital signal processors: 6-input/4 output AZM4 and 10 input/8 output AZM8
  • Two amplifiers: 400-watt AZA404 and 800-watt AZ804
  • Six different plug-and-play accessories:
    • Wall-mounted audio controllers: Single- and multi-zone options
    • Remote audio inputs: RCA, Bluetooth and XLR sources
  • Ambient noise sensor

As many as 16 accessories can be daisy-chained to the AZM4 and the AZM8 DSPs. Boasting a clean, modern, industrial design, the components of Atmosphere complement the aesthetics of most commercial environments.