AtlasIED Shows IPX Family and Security Partner Solutions at ISC West 2023

AtlasIED IP-DDS in a school hallway.

AtlasIED IP-DDS in a school hallway.

AtlasIED will showcase its IPX Family of endpoints integrated with Singlewire’s InformaCast software and a range of accompanying and integratable partner solutions including Hanwha Vision, iluminar and SoundSecure at ISC West 2023.

The AtlasIED IPX Family is an IP-based series of endpoints with built-in loudspeakers, microphones and displays to provide audio communications and visual text to support a range of facilities including healthcare, educational institutions and corporate and industrial facilities. The IPX Family integrates with Singlewire InformaCast alert software to provide customers with an enhanced mass communications solution. With advanced emergency notification features, this power couple delivers audible and visual alerts both on-premise and to mobile devices to ensure information concerning lockdowns, evacuations, intruders, active shooters, severe weather and other critical situations reaches everyone quickly and reliably.

AtlasIED’s IPX Family leverages existing IP network infrastructure to enhance physical security while improving day-to-day communications through advanced alerting, bell schedules and pre-recorded and scheduled announcements.

At ISC West 2023, the company will feature several IPX products running on Singlewire, including:

  • The AtlasIED IP-SDMF indoor wall mount Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) loudspeaker with integrated display and LED flashers. It supports both visual text and audio broadcast in areas that require loudspeakers with high output to overcome high ambient noise levels or cover large spaces.
  • The AtlasIED IP-ZCM is a PoE+ IP-to-analog gateway with an integrated amplifier. It connects a unified communication platform to off-network third-party analog systems for sending notifications to analog overhead paging, trigger or be triggered by access-control systems, assist to fire alarm and two-way audio support for video-surveillance.
  • The AtlasIED IP-DDS is an ADA-compliant indoor dual-sided display that incorporates a loudspeaker and flasher to support visual text and audio broadcast. It can display time and scrolling text and leverages a VoIP communication solution to extend notifications with effective visual text alerts for large spaces or areas with high ambient noise levels.
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AtlasIED will also showcase and demonstrate several partner solutions that have been proven to reliably integrate with the IPX Family and Singlewire. These partner solutions have been vetted to ensure interoperability and include:

  • iluminar creates white light illuminators designed to provide a visual aid for detection, location or cue in active shooter events.
  • SoundSecure designs external microphones that work with and enhance video camera system audio. When connected to Singlewire, these microphones help trigger iluminar lights and IPX endpoints for emergency detection, notification and fast response.
  • Hanwha Vision, showcases how Hanwha Vision camera with built in loud noise detection and analytics technology connects to a Sound Secure microphone that senses a sound above a certain range, the cameras trigger the iluminar visual illuminator, Informacast and IPX to initiate the pre-programmed lockdown protocol.

See these latest products from AtlasIED and partners at ISC West 2023 in Booth 31055.

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