AtlasIED Releases Four New Audio Processing, Mixing, Distribution Products

AtlasIED has announced the addition of several new audio distribution, processing and control devices to its line of commercial audio products. The new additions include a wall-mount (“W” TSD) family of indoor and outdoor mic/line/Bluetooth mixers and accessories; a two-channel preamp/Dante interface; a mic/line preamp; a distribution amplifier and 24-volt power supply. All of the products are part of AtlasIED’s Time Saving Devices (TSD) line, which includes mixers, amplifiers, preamps and other distribution and control devices. Like other products in the TSD portfolio, the new devices have been engineered and designed to simplify connections, satisfy specific application needs and enhance installation flexibility and scalability for commercial AV integrators.

The new AtlasIED audio processing, mixing and distribution products include:

Indoor/Outdoor Analog Wall Mount (WTSD-MIX31K) 3×1 Mic/Line Bluetooth Mixer and (WTSD-MIX41K) 4×1 Mic/Line Mixer

The WTSD-MIX31K features a balanced microphone/line input and an auxiliary 3.5 millimeter and Bluetooth summed input with a balanced line output. The WTSD-MIX31 utilizes commercial-grade Bluetooth technology featuring ultra-low noise levels, long-range connectivity, no auto-connect and a quick disconnect bump feature. The selection between mic or line level for the XLR input is made via a front panel switch. The high-gain mic inputs incorporate user-enabled phantom power for condenser microphones and a 125 hertz low-cut filter to eliminate unwanted low frequency interference. A local mute button mutes output to the bus, and a system priority button can mute building-wide BGM systems to isolate the room. An adjustable VOX feature allows for AUX input background audio to be muted when announcing is present.

The WTSD-MIX41K features four balanced microphone/line inputs and a balanced line output. Selection between mic or line level is made via a dip switch on the rear panel. The high-gain mic inputs incorporate user-enabled phantom power for condenser microphones and a 120 hertz low-cut filter to eliminate unwanted low-frequency interference. A global mute function can be triggered via a local switch. Separate level controls for each input provide control for the audio mix needed.

AtlasIED Four-Input XLR Passive Wall Plate (WTDS-XLR4)

Used in conjunction with the WTSD-MIX41K is an optional two-gang, four-input XLR passive wall plate (WTDS-XLR4). The WTSD-XLR4 also functions as a standalone wall plate for any balanced mic/line system that requires a remote input plate. Each XLR has a three-way removable connector (G – +) for terminating standard two-conductor, shielded wire.

Both the WTSD-MIX41K and WTSD-MIX31K wall plates can be converted to Dante Digital Network audio when interfaced with the optional AtlasIED TSD-DAC2i converter. The wall plates fit into most two-gang boxes and can be used with a WTSD-COVER accessory for installation in outdoor environments.

AtlasIED Audio/Power & Control Interface (WTSD-PWHUB) 

The WTDS-PWHUB is designed to be used in conjunction with AtlasIED WTSD wall plate mixers at the head-end when additional headroom control and external device integration is necessary. Features include emergency audio mute function for fire alarm systems, and two NO/NC relays that can be configured to turn on or off the head-end amp rack with the auto sleep function. A priority button can be used to temporarily mute background music for paging purposes. The WTDS-PWHUB requires a 24VDC power supply.

AtlasIED Two-Channel Balanced Line Input to Dante Interface (TSD-DAC2i)

The AtlasIED TSD-DAC2i is a PoE two-channel analog pre-amplifier that converts analog audio signals to Dante digital audio. The TSD-DAC2i can be used for any Analog to Dante digital audio endpoint but is ideally suited to be used with the AtlasIED WTSD wall mixer series. Once converted to Dante digital audio, the audio can be transmitted over IP networks and routed in the Dante Controller software. The TSD-DAC2i Dante transmitter I/O module features two analog balanced line inputs with a variable gain to operate from line to mic level.

Here is more information on AtlasIED and its product offerings.

Here’s a video of the WTSD Series from AtlasIED at ISE 2020: