AtlasIED Introduces SHS Ceiling Speaker

AtlasIED has introduced the SHS Series (AKA: Strategically Hidden Speaker). The concealed design of the SHS is achieved by Adaptive Dispersion Lens Technology, something AtlasIED patented. Only a 3-inch diameter lens and a micro trim ring are visible on the ceiling. The dispersion lens can be easily painted or replaced with material to match the ceiling. For hard-to-match spaces, AtlasIED’s optional DesignLab color match process uses printing technology to transfer any color or design onto the micro-diffuser, for visual continuity on any ceiling.

The speaker has a two-way driver and sound exits the two-way transducer and passes through the adaptive dispersion lens. The speaker uses an integrated 32-watt 70V/100V transformer and 40 bypass with a sealed enclosure above the ceiling and has a 180-degree dispersion. The self-contained SHS comes with a speaker, enclosure and adjustable tile rails. Drill a three-inch hole in the ceiling tile, set the speaker through the hole and snap on the micro diffuser. Pull to retract the expandable tile rail alarms and installation is complete. No rail screws are required for drop-tile ceiling installations.

The SHS Series speakers include three dispersive lens configurations. The standard lens comes in 4 millimeters and 8 millimeters sizes, designed for applications with low- to medium-height ceilings. The direct fire lens measures 4 mm and includes a direct fire grille for larger sound dispersion for use in projects with high ceilings.

Here are more details.