AtlasIED HPA2408 Amplifier Comes With 8 300-Watt Channels

atlasied hpa2408

AtlasIED has added the HPA2408 to its existing high-power amplifier (HPA) series aimed at night clubs, houses of worship, convention centers, arenas, hotels, retail centers and more.

The new compact HPA2408 comes with eight 300-watt channels that can each power four-ohm, eight-ohm, 70-volt or 100-volt speaker loads. It is designed with a Generation II Class D Output topology that generates sound quality similar to a Class AB amplifier. The HPA2408 also sports a front panel display featuring stepped level controls protected by a security cover.

Optimized for energy efficiency, it meets most low energy requirements for an amplifier of its size and features a unique output stage, low resistance, direct couple thermal transfer design that speeds system cooldown. Along with outputting high-powered, cost-effective and dependable amplification, the HPA2408 remains stable during fluctuating power conditions while also tailoring and limiting the amount of AC required in any given application.

The HPA2408 also gives venues the option to add networked audio capabilities to their setup, thanks to an included accessory card slot for an optional DAC8 Dante Card. Additional features include remote turn on, fault reporting and balanced line inputs with sensitivity settings.