AtlasIED Highlights Products To Be Presented at InfoComm 2021

AtlasIED at InfoCommAtlasIED announced that the new products introduced at InfoComm 2021 are fully stocked and are shipping from the company’s worldwide distribution centers. InfoComm 2021 attendees are invited to Booth #2311 to see AtlasIED’s Atmosphere platform as well as several new product introductions. Integrators can order most of the following InfoComm introductions today for timely delivery:

Atmosphere Platform Sets a New Digital Audio Standard

During InfoComm 2021, AtlasIED will debut its Atmosphere digital audio platform. It is aimed to support the audio needs of a wide range of commercial applications, including restaurants, bars, hotels, school campuses, houses of worship and retail establishments.

The Atmosphere digital audio solution offers features such as touchless control, automation and artificial intelligence. AtlasIED will showcase several key components of the system, including an eight-zone and four-zone audio processor (AZM8 and AZM4); wall-mounted controllers for volume, source and zone selection; remote input devices for RCA, XLR and Bluetooth connectivity; an ambient noise sensor; and 400- and 800-watt four-channel power amplifiers (AZA404 and AZA804).

New to the Atmosphere line is a choice of black wallplates and accessories. They join as an option that blends better with the color schemes and construction materials. Additionally, AtlasIED will demonstrate Atmosphere’s new 2.0 firmware update, introducing several new capabilities to the system. Recently implemented features include:

  • Stereo and subwoofer support to produce dynamic, multi-dimensional music playback
  • Bell scheduling for automatic notification of class dismissals, lunch breaks and other events
  • Room combine which enables large areas like conference rooms and banquet halls to be divided into multiple independent audio zones
  • Self-healing accessories, which enables replacement Atmosphere components to be added to an installed system and be recognized and configured automatically

The Atmosphere digital audio processor controls populate automatically when a user’s mobile device scans the DSP’s QR code. This QR code grants access to certain features per parameters programmed initially into the system by the AV integrator. The Atmosphere family of products is currently in stock and shipping.

SHS-3T2 and SHS-LF Speakers Support Sound Masking and Background Music

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AtlasIED expands its Strategically Hidden Speaker (SHS) line with the addition of two new speakers, the SHS-3T2 and the SHS-LF. The speakers are designed for sound masking and high-quality background music applications.

The SHS-3T2 integrates with AtlasIED’s Z Series Z2-B and Z4-B High-Definition Acoustical System, providing integrators with speakers for healthcare, clinical and corporate facilities where sound masking is important for speech privacy and workplace productivity. The SHS-LF is a subwoofer that pairs with AtlasIED’s SHS-6T2 and SHS-3T2 to round out the low frequencies for high-quality music reproduction.

Only a 3-inch diameter lens and a micro trim ring are visible when the SHS-3T2 and SHS-LF are installed flush with the ceiling. The lens can be hidden via AtlasIED’s DesignLab color match process that replicates color and texture onto the SHS lens for visual continuity.

GCK Application, IP-DMF, and 571 Mic Station Leverage Mass Communication

AtlasIED offers an updated version of the GLOBALCOM GCK software application, a digital communications station in both Dante and CobraNet versions and a new IP endpoint that combines an integrated LCD, flasher and talkback microphone.

The GCK Application can be utilized on any Windows 10 device or server. It offers AV integrators the same features as the original GCK software but with a more modern user interface to streamline programming and navigation. As requested by AV integrators, also new is the ability to program the software offline.

The 571 Digital Communication Station with integrated microphone supports both CobraNet and Dante standards, features a highly intuitive and easy-to-clean adaptive touch screen as its user interface and can be flush-, surface- or desktop-mounted either vertically or horizontally.

AtlasIED is also introducing the IP-DMF, an indoor wall-mounted IP Endpoint supporting scrolling text alerts, visual signaling through a flasher to improve communications and a microphone to support intercom functionality. The IP-DMF is particularly useful in noisy environments like factories, transportation hubs, school and corporate cafeterias, auditoriums and more.