AtlasIED Debuts New Additions to IPX Family at ISC West 2023

AtlasIED IPX Family

Reinforcing its commitment to building mass communications solutions for the security industry and supporting accessibility, AtlasIED has three new additions to its IPX Family debuting at ISC West.

A comprehensive and cost-effective mass communications solution, AtlasIED’s IPX Family of IP-enabled loudspeakers and displays leverages a facility’s existing VoIP system and IT infrastructure to quickly and reliably dispatch audible and visual notifications for both routine and emergency communications. The newest additions to the IPX Series include two passive loudspeakers, the IP-12SYSP and IP-22SYSP, along with the IP-F, a wall-mounted LED flasher.

The AtlasIED IP-12SYSP and IP-22SYSP are installer-friendly, suspended ceiling-mount 8-ohm loudspeakers designed to integrate with existing IPX Family of IP endpoints. The IP-12SYSP and IP-22SYSP are designed for expanding announcement and paging coverage in large spaces across multiple markets, including education, corporate, government, worship and other commercial installations. With the same industrial design as the popular AtlasIED IP-12SYSM endpoint, the new speaker works seamlessly with mixed systems of passive and active speakers. The AtlasIED IP-12SYSP is suitable for suspended ceilings with 1’ x 2’ tile sizes, while the IP-22SYSP fits 2’ x 2’ grid patterns.

The AtlasIED IP-F is an indoor, wall-mounted IP-based flasher designed to provide visual signaling to complement audio communications in a facility, including high-traffic or loud environments such as gymnasiums and lobbies. The IP-F features a single RGB LED flasher to enhance physical security and improve routine communication while meeting accessibility standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In addition, the IP-F integrates directly with Singlewire InformaCast and Syn-Apps Revolution and leverages both WAN or LAN network architecture.

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See these latest products from AtlasIED and partners at ISC West 2023 in Booth 31055.

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