AtlasIED Debuts CLA Series of Amplifiers With Power Share Technology

atlasied cla series amplifiers

AtlasIED announced the CLA Series of amplifiers incorporating patent-pending Power Share technology, allowing for controllable power levels to be accurately applied to different zones regardless of the load impedance. An analog-style multi-select knob on the amplifier allows for “simple power share modifications; each pair of channels can share the power load in four pre-determined increments and power-sharing is configurable between each pair of channels, regardless of the load on individual channels.” For example, The CLA804 can be configured to have one channel accurately delivering 350W into a 4-0hm load while corresponding channel supplies 50W into 70V load.

The multi-impedance amplifiers are designed for versatility in both commercial distributed systems and sound reinforcement low impedance applications. AtlasIED says this makes the CLA Series ideal for use in restaurants, presentation rooms, classrooms, conference rooms and retail background/foreground music applications.

A powerful addition to its AV product lineup, the series includes the CLA804, CLA404, CLA402 and CLA202, two or four-channel amplifiers that range from 200 to 800 watts.

  • CLA804: 800 W, Four-Channel Amplifier
  • CLA404: 400 W, Four-Channel Amplifier
  • CLA402: 400 W, Two-Channel Amplifier
  • CLA202: 200 W, Two-Channel Amplifier