AtlasIED Announces Several New Products for its Atmosphere Audio Processing and Control Platform at ISE 2023

AtlasIED Atmosphere NewAtlasIED today announced several new products for AtlasIED’s Atmosphere audio processing and control platform, including two combined signal processor and amplification products, the Atmosphere AZMP4 (4-zone) and AZMP8 (8-zone) and the Atmosphere X-ZPS, an advanced multi-zone paging station accessory. Additionally, AtlasIED is now offering Atmosphere 3.0, a major software update for the Atmosphere platform.

Audio Processing and Amplification in one product: AZMP4 and AZMP8 — Building upon the foundation of the Atmosphere AZM series of signal processors, the new Atmosphere AZMP4 (4-zone) and AZMP8 (8-zone) add built-in premium amplification to help customers consolidate products in an audio rack and streamline system integration.
The AZMP4 is powered by a single 600W 4-channel amplifier module, while the AZMP8 provides 1200W of total power. Any AZMP4 or AZMP8 individual channel can be software configured to provide different wattages. For example, if a restaurant has several zones but one has more speakers, an installer can use the AZMP to divide the power to better suit a zone with more or fewer speakers.

New Multi-zone paging station accessory — AtlasIED also announced the Atmosphere X-ZPS, an advanced multi-zone paging station accessory natively compatible with AtliasIED AZM and AZMP processors. Like all Atmosphere accessories, the X-ZPS is plug-and-play using CAT5e cable and daisy-chainable with other accessories up to 1,000 feet. With a 4.3-inch touchscreen display for easy Zone, Group or All Call paging using the included premium gooseneck microphone, it can also be configured as a full Atmosphere system controller with access to features including zone volume, source select, message recall, scene select and bell schedule.

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Atmosphere 3.0 — AtlasIED also launched its latest software update for the Atmosphere platform, Atmosphere 3.0. Available for AtlasIED AZM audio processors and the new AZMP combination audio processors with built-in amplifiers, the Atmosphere 3.0 update builds upon the embedded intelligence for the system, now allowing for continuous monitoring and supervision of system health and performance. A new Self-Test feature measures system performance over time and provides notifications of any degradation of loudspeaker load. Additionally, Atmosphere 3.0 introduces sound masking as another feature of this powerful platform. Used in corporate, healthcare/clinical and other settings, sound masking helps cover speech for enhanced speech privacy and reduce distracting office noise for increased focus and productivity.

The Atmosphere AZMP8, AZMP4, X-ZPS and the 3.0 software will be available in early 2023, and everything is here.