Atlas Debuts Ceiling Tile Speaker Adapter

atlas-ceilingtile-0613The new Atlas Sound DT12-2X2ADP is a ceiling tile adapter for use with the Atlas Sound DT12 1′ x 2′ drop in speaker system. The DT12-2X2ADP is an adapter plate that turns the Atlas Sound DT12 1′ x 2′ lay-in speaker package into an easy-to-install 2′ x 2′ speaker package that can replace an entire 2′ x 2′ acoustical tile.

The kit includes two adapter plates and an additional T-bar support. Atlas says the DT12-2X2ADP is manufactured at the same factory as the DT12 to insure both products match in appearance. Customers can order both the DT12 and the DT12-2X2ADP to create an entire 2’x2′ speaker package.

More information is here.